With each season’s turning, New York’s fashionable flock sets off anew on its nocturnal migrations, in search of a fresh downtown watering hole.
The latest such place for spring — at least until the jitneys roll — is appropriately called Vain. Its doors flung open Thursday night to scores of the young and the restless.
The most promising contingent — from the club owner’s point of view, that is — was a small group of semi-celebrities who’ve come to their fame by way of association. There was Bijoux Phillips, daughter of Mama Michelle, dancing through the crowd, adjusting her halter top as she went. Pretty China Chow, daughter of the late Tina and restaurateur Michael, was hanging by the bar.
The most attention went to Jerry Seinfeld’s Shoshanna Lonstein, who held court around a small cocktail table with half-a-dozen cool ladies-in-waiting basking in her reflected celebrity.

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