Byline: Brooke Hansen

NEW YORK — The best inventions — and sometimes entire companies — often begin with a simple experiment.
Such was the start of a jewelry line by designer Rose Lucchesi. After seven years of hand-carving wood jewelry and working with antique buttons and brass she picked up at flea markets here and in Paris, Lucchesi conducted an experiment with resin. It yielded accessories with a new texture and shape, and a color range from apricot to zinc.
That was three years ago.
Today, Lucchesi’s resin collection is represented in Los Angeles and Boston, and in February, she joined the Notanonymous Showroom here.
The Corsica-born Lucchesi hand-mixes the colors, designs the molds and carves each piece in her garage in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Her 15-piece collection includes chunky bangles, earrings, pins and necklaces. Inspired by the naturally polished appearance of beach glass, Lucchesi’s elementary shapes dangle from silk and leather cords. While some pieces have metal accents, most are simple resin.
“I like the rough and rugged texture of resin and the flexibility it gives me with colors and shapes,” she said. “The feel of each piece is much less manufactured.”
Last year, volume was $44,000, double the 1995 total.
To meet a growing demand, Lucchesi last month hired Grinnell, a manufacturer here, to help with production.
Her fall palette is amber, forest green, black and dark honey. Although her line varies little from season to season, Lucchesi is adding some new items this fall, including a chunky bangle with resin pieces lodged inside.
Wholesale prices for earrings are $22; for necklaces, $32, and for bangles, $12 to $45.
The collection is sold at Gramer Design in Boston, Smith & Tanteu in Los Angeles, and Jaded, a high-end costume jewelry store here.

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