NEW YORK — Donna Karan Co. is suing men’s wear designer Wilke-Rodriguez over the men’s wear firm’s “DKNwhy?” advertising campaign.
The suit, filed Monday in Manhattan’s federal court, alleges that the ads infringe and dilute the value of Karan’s trademark.
The ads, which also spoof Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, show a model wearing a cap with the DKNY logo under the caption “DKNwhy?” in order to tout Wilke-Rodriguez’s clothing.
According to papers, the ads are “specifically intended to undermine the favorable associations which the consuming public makes with the DKNY mark in order to place the Wilke-Rodriguez trademark and products comparatively in a more favorable light,” the suit alleges.
Karan had complained to Wilke-Rodriguez about the ads, but Wilke-Rodriguez had refused to pull the campaign, the suit says.
Karan is asking for an injunction that would halt Wilke-Rodriguez’s use of the “DKNwhy?” tag.
Officials at Wilke-Rodriguez could not be reached for comment.

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