NEW YORK — Linda Dresner is getting edgy.
The retailer of such designer collections as Jil Sander, Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto and Gucci is planning a 1,000-square-foot showcase in her Birmingham, Mich., store, at 299 West Maple Road, for young designers not in the mainstream.
The new space, called Loft, is expected to open in March on the store’s second level and is seen generating $250,000 for the spring/summer season, Dresner said.
“There’s a generation of young designers that’s so amazingly creative,” said Dresner. “They’re such a strong influence today, and there is a market that wants edgy clothes. Loft is for anyone who wants to experiment with the way they look. The clothes are fun and price-accessible.”
Several New York-based designers will be featured, including Daryl K, who offers “edgy, downtown, sophisticated, rather smart city clothes,” including tailored, skinny, knee-length pants and strapless, heavy-rib sweaters, Dresner said.
Another New York vendor, Bernadette Corp., is supplying Brigitte Bardot-influenced cotton dresses and Lily Pulitzer looks, Dresner added.
Other key Loft items include sleeveless, low-cut T-shirts in the $35 range and strapless dresses at about $200, as well as sweaters and skinny pants that stop at the knees.
Generally, the prices will be less than $200, but some party and evening dresses will be $350 to $400.
“These are clothes for those who want to experiment,” Dresner said. “Some of the items are more creative and zany, but they still look chic. We’ve mostly been buying from New York, but I’ll be in Europe in March looking for other items.”
Dresner also operates a store here at 484 Park Avenue at 59th Street, but has no plans to put a Loft in it.
“We really don’t have the space,” she said.