ATLANTA — From celebrities to ads and fads, the scene in and around the Super Show kept the jock set jumping. Here, some hot topics and happenings around town.
Who will be the one female athlete to elevate professional women’s sports to a new level? The consensus: Lisa Leslie or Sheryl Swoopes.
ESPN, Lifetime and NBC Sports are the three networks that will each broadcast the Women’s National Basketball Association games once a week.
At 16, tennis standout Anna Kournikova agreed last week to endorse Adidas.
Michael Jordan and his Bull buddies were in town for a game against the Atlanta Hawks and helped hunky model Tyson celebrate his birthday at an Atlanta club the night before Friday’s game.
For its “outerwear for your inner self,” Crunch apparel and show paraphernalia featured four marketing moods — joy, rage, faith and lust.
Nike’s new snowboarding line offers 13 styles for women.
There are 200 youngsters playing in the Junior In-Line Basketball League — that’s basketball played with in-line skates.
At Reebok’s party Saturday night at The Abbey, L.L. Cool J rapped for 400 guests, including Dallas Cowboy Emmett Smith.
Fila’s fashion show, attended by 800 people, at the former House of Blues Saturday night featured Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders doingback flips, aerials, a human pyramid and yes, even a rendition of a formal dance routine from Evita — complete with roses in the teeth.
Fila will spend $6 million on its first print advertising campaign for women. Images of the ads were featured in the company’s booth.
Who will outfit whom at the 2002 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia?