All those children and their celebrity parents leaping around the Veterans’ Wadworth Theater in Los Angeles Saturday had not been struck silly with spring fever. They were simply inspired by the Los Angeles debut of Batoto Yetu, a Harlem-based children’s dance group led by Angolan-born Julio Leitao.
Michelle Pfeiffer and her son David E. Kelley were there to listen to the drumbeats, along with Kevin Costner with Annie and Joe, Rene Russo with daughter Rose, and Kelly Lynch and 11-year-old daughter Shane.
“I saw some pretty good moves there,” cried an enthusiastic Dan Aykroyd, wiggling his hips to demonstrate. “I’m a member of the Blues Brothers Band, remember?”
A few nights earlier, at the L.A. premiere of Clint Eastwood’s new movie “Absolute Power,” the man who once played Dirty Harry and his wife, Dina Ruiz, were gushing about their baby daughter, Morgan. Eastwood has apparently taken up his fatherly role with ease.
“Clint is great at changing diapers,” laughed Ruiz.

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