There were a few fixtures of the Paris night scene — Emmanuel de Brantes admits that he almost never spends an evening at home — but all in all, it wasn’t an entirely typical crowd that turned out at the Ritz last week for a party thrown by J&B, the whisky company.
There was Beatrice Dalle, who couldn’t find a place to extinguish her cigarette; actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, co-star of “Betty Blue” and “Queen Margot,” who talked about directing, and Gaspard, Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre’s dog, who kept wandering off. By the time dinner came around, most guests were ready to settle in and break bread.
Kristen McMenamy’s ex, Hubert Boukovza, must have been feeling a touch of spring romance. He started handing out red roses to all his lady friends.
“But they don’t smell,” complained Clermont-Tonnerre.
“Press the petals up your nose,” the chief honcho from Les Bains Douches sweetly suggested.

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