Somehow, it was Donna Karan who wound up with her face painted at the Kids 4 Kids benefit carnival Sunday afternoon at New York’s Industria Studio, while her grandson, Aten, did not.
“I went first so he could see,” she said. “You know, you have to teach kids by example.”
It could have been the motto for the day. Hundreds of children turned out with their parents, raising more than $1.6 million for pediatric AIDS research.
The street in front of Industria looked as if the Iowa State Fair had set down in the West Village for an afternoon. Besides the tents, stages and dozens of booths — including a Popeye-style “Test Your Strength” game — Robert Isabell had covered the asphalt with a carpet of sod.
Up and down the way, Fran Lebowitz and Diane Von Furstenburg shared duties at the Velcro darts booth; Scott Glenn led the frog toss; Lauren Hutton and Luke Perry crossed sticks at the hockey slapshot booth; Mark Vanderloo manned the football toss, and Isaac Mizrahi and Todd Oldham had little fans asking for autographs. The biggest crowds, though, lined up for booths where Susan Sarandon and Michael Douglas were posing for pictures.
Inside the studio, Roy Lichtenstein, Brice Marden and David Salle led the finger-painting mural, while mothers and daughters strung necklaces from Erickson Beamon beads.
Upstairs, some of Manhattan’s best restaurants dished up very grown-up food to the likes of Kelly Klein — who earlier in the day was one of the “photographer heroes” taking free family portraits — and her sister Amy Davidson and nephew Kelly Davidson.
Late in the afternoon, a slightly frazzled Tama Janowitz made her rendezvous with husband Tim Hunt and daughter Willow after her hour in a game booth.
“They were supposed to be throwing rings over a pole,” she said, “but they wound up throwing them at me.”

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