J.G. HOOK’S NEW LINE: Huffman Hosiery Marketing has signed a license deal to produce and market J.G. Hook brand socks for girls and women. The new looks will bow at this month’s WWDMagic trade show in Las Vegas.
For fall, the 46-piece women’s collection wholesales from $1.25 for cotton and nylon anklets to $2.50 for rayon-blend ribbed anklets.
Based in Granite Falls, N.C., Huffman Hosiery Mills also makes licensed socks under the Brittania and Dunlop labels.
Huffman Hosiery plans to open a 1,000-square-foot showroom at 350 Fifth Avenue in March, according to Kevin Healey, vice president of marketing.

TRIAD’S NEW DEALS: Triad Hosiery Corp. of New York has teamed up with Celeste Stein Designs of Galveston, Tex., to be the New York sales representative for legwear designer Celeste Stein’s line as well as her licensed Todd Oldham hosiery. Gregg Callen, account executive, oversees both lines at Triad’s showroom at 990 Sixth Avenue.
Both lines feature tights, trouser socks and anklets. Socks wholesale from $4 to $4.50, and tights wholesale from $8.50 to $9.50.
In other news, Triad signed a deal with Kayser-Roth Corp. to produce and market socks and tights for infants, children and girls under the No Nonsense and A Little Nonsense label. The lines will debut at the WWDMagic trade show in Las Vegas this month.

SHEER DIFFERENCE: Elsa Crick of Brooklyn, N.Y., has a patent pending for sheers with cotton soles. Crick, a registered nurse who is on her feet for long periods during the work day, aimed to design a more comfortable product.
If her patent is approved, she said she hopes to sign a deal with a producer.