Luxe and modernity stood out at the 7th on Sixth Accessory Designer Exhibition at its new space at 452 Fifth Avenue, a former Limited store. The show’s theme — “Boy Meets Girl” — was meant to capture the current masculine-feminine mood of both ready-to-wear and accessories. And it did. The first part of the equation came through in the sleeker silhouettes, while the second was reflected in those with luxurious details.
On the feminine side were Zeitgeist’s embroidered satin pumps and boots; Amy Chan’s handbags, featuring such looks as a fake fur muff-style bag lined in Chinese silk brocade, and the vintage-inspired Subtle Creatures jewelry collection. Sleeker pieces included Kathy Korvin’s smooth silver neck and wrist cuffs and Matsuda’s streamlined eyewear. Also notable was the handbag collection Frou, with some bags in upholstery material and others with 3-D dog drawings.
The other major theme was organic shapes and motifs. Collette Malouf’s wavy hair sticks were both functional and ornamental, while Carolee featured oblong fake pearls. Meanwhile, Waterman took the natural approach with pens covered in a motif called “mineral,” which suggested the inside of a stone.
The space that housed this group of more than 40 designers bore no resemblance to its earlier incarnation. Gone were the colossal chandeliers and the disco-style mirrored walls. The walls were painted black, lights throbbed in red, yellow and blue tones and shallow boxes of sand were placed under each accessories vignette. The new design was created by the production group Rubicon BlackBox, which produced the Alexander McQueen show in New York last spring and is producing the Daryl K and Matsuda shows this week.

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