PARIS — A bill intended to curb illegal immigration here, scheduled to be debated before the French National Assembly today, has members of the fashion community up in arms.
A petition against the proposed bill has been signed by almost 100 fashion notables, including Azzedine Alaoa, Christian Lacroix, Gilles Dufour, Martine Sitbon, AgnAs B, Jean Colonna, Eric BergAre, Jean-Paul Goude and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.
Some 100,000 people took to the streets in Paris Saturday to protest the bill, which has a clause that states French residents would have to report visa-holding immigrants staying in their homes to local officials.
“France these days is reminiscent of Vichy,” said InAs de la Fressange. “The world of fashion must not have borders, it must be international.”
“The government asking us to denounce foreigners reminds me of the craziness during World War II,” said Sonia Rykiel. “It is impossible to accept a law that impedes freedom.”
More protests are expected today.