LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department arrested four alleged counterfeiters and issued two additional arrest warrants last week, capping a sting operation supported by Chanel, Prada, Fendi and Gianni Versace.
Officers seized counterfeit leather goods, such as handbags, as well as accessories and logos from three companies in downtown Los Angeles. The value and quantity have not been determined.
The goods were seized from one manufacturing facility, two stores and several offices, according to LAPD detective John Rodriguez.
“We have caused a major dent in this activity,” said Rodriguez.
The merchandise was mainly manufactured domestically and sold throughout the U.S., Rodriguez said.
According to Chanel, the targets of the investigation are nationwide distributors who have a sophisticated modus of operation including false names and shell store fronts.
In addition to the arrests on Thursday, Chanel noted that its involvement in assisting federal and local law authorities in California and particularly Los Angeles has resulted in the arrest and convictions of more than 30 people in 16 months and in the seizure of over 100,000 counterfeit items.