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NEW YORK — In a move to expand its offerings to the plus-size woman — and become a $1 billion megabrand by 1999 — Just My Size is adding jeanswear to its mix of intimate apparel, sleepwear, bodywear and fleece.
The jeanswear, currently being tested in about 100 Kmart stores and 200 Wal-Marts, will be rolled out to a total of 1,000 doors for fall.
Made under a licensing agreement with Sun Apparel, the jeans are sized 16 to 26 and wholesale for around $12. Currently, one silhouette is offered. It comes in black and is a medium stonewashed left-hand twill, with three inseam lengths: 29, 31 and 33 inches. There are related denim pieces, including vests, trousers, shorts and shirts, as well as related knitwear, including tops, skirts and pants.
Since introducing its hosiery in 1984, Just My Size has become a $200 million brand division of Sara Lee Personal Products. In 1995, the company decided to take a lifestyle approach to the name rather than stay in one category. That year, it introduced bodywear, sleepwear and loungewear. In 1996, Just My Size said it would continue to aggressively build its offerings to reach $1 billion in retail sales by the end of the century.
The company also plans to support the launch with marketing, including adding the jeanswear to its TV ad campaign, a print campaign and direct marketing. The jeans’ pocket flasher has a questionnaire on the back that encourages the consumer to write to the company. Her information and address are added to the company’s database.
“We understand that this is a very emotional customer and a very emotional brand,” said Robert Capelluti, marketing manager for Just My Size. “Everything at Just My Size is for that consumer. The fit is a relaxed contour, the pocket placement has been proportioned, the pockets have been sewn into the zipper, which helps keep the stomach flat.”
Christine Alt, the plus-size model who is a spokeswoman for Just My Size, said that for years she wore men’s jeans, because she couldn’t get the right size or a long-enough inseam.

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