It was probably the hottest ticket in the West when U2 kicked off its 14-month “PopMart” tour in Las Vegas Friday night. The Sam Boyd Stadium was jammed with 38,000 fans, and celebrity groupies had flown in from both coasts to parade across the red-carpeted entranceway.
Christian Slater tried to cool things down backstage by turning a garden hose on a crowd that included Cameron Diaz, Ashley Judd, Winona Ryder, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Stipe — who was wearing a purple wig — Trent Reznor and Dennis Hopper.
Ashley Judd was gleeful over the way she solved her wardrobe crisis. What does one wear to a rock ‘n’ roll concert in the desert while accompanying a Kennedy-compound grande dame such as Eunice Shriver? Her solution: layering.
“Look at my rock ‘n’ roll back,” she said, pulling off a vintage cashmere sweater to reveal her strappy Armani top. “And I wanted to do a little East Coast summer with this sweater.”
The previous night in San Francisco, Annette Bening was feeling a touch of vertigo.
“Wow! I’d better hold on,” she said, looking down 32 stories from the glass elevator whisking her to the top of the St. Francis Hotel.
She was on her way to the San Francisco International Film Festival’s 40th anniversary gala, where she was the guest of honor.
“I haven’t been working much,” said Bening, who admitted to wrestling with whether to accept the award. “I’ve been having babies. I want to work, but I don’t want to miss those childhood moments. You have to balance it all.”
So she brought her three children and their nanny to San Francisco and spent the day with them playing in a Nob Hill park, while their daddy, Warren Beatty, stayed home.

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