NEW YORK—Designer Nancy Ganz has created a distinctive fixture for retail display of her shapewear: The Nancy Ganz Body Bar.“There’s never a salesperson around when you need one at department stores, and shopping for lingerie is not easy—with all of those bras in your face,” said Ganz, discussing her thinking behind the fixture.“This is really a hip concept, and it’s self-servicing. All you do is push a button, get quick product information—I verbally walk a customer through my Nancy Ganz Bodyslimming System—and the customer goes to the cash register.”The fixture, a display unit on wheels, can house up to 1,200 Nancy Ganz Bodyslimmers control garments, each targeting a problem area—the abdomen, torso, seat, hips, midriff or legs.The natural wood and metal fixture can be used in large or small areas, and its four removable sections can be set on an aisle, or used as a floor divider.“The standard size retailers said they will use will be two units—which will be 7 feet 6 inches in length and 2 feet 3 inches wide,” Ganz noted.A photo of one of the six anatomical areas lights up when a button beneath it is pushed. This also activates a tape of Ganz describing the appropriate products to handle the problem. The customer can then select the item she wants from the stock under the photo in the size she needs—small, medium, large or extra large.The concept will be unveiled Wednesday at the Bloomingdale’s New York flagship. Ganz added that she will host an event at the store on May 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. to promote the fixture.More modules are planned for other Bloomingdale’s units.Ganz noted that the “bigger picture will be to outpost the Bar on ready-to-wear and sportswear floors.” A woman with limited shopping time seeking a body-hugging jersey dress on a designer rtw floor could also find an appropriate control garment in the same section.“I’m now trying to figure out how consumers could use a credit card at the display site. It would save consumers a lot of time,” Ganz said.

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