NEW YORK — Though it’s still impossible to send a fragrance sample on line, Gap thinks it is coming closer.
The company has hooked up with Digital City — a news and entertainment network located on America Online — to create a new round of online advertising for its GapScents line. By clicking on various fragrance icons, users can activate audio files that are sound interpretations of the various scents.
The version of the Om fragrance, for instance, sounds like monks chanting; the Heaven fragrance sounds like a harp.
“If it were possible to actually send scent through the computer, we would,” said Michael McCadden, Gap’s senior vice president of marketing, in a statement. “Since it’s not, we decided instead to share with customers our interpretation of what GapScents would sound like.”
The site went up on Digital City’s online area Monday and also features links to information on Gap store locations and to Gap’s home page on the World Wide Web.

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