It’s not easy being pink.
Oscar de la Renta’s mandate to “wear pink” for the Monday night perfume launch of his “So de la Renta” at the Copacabana seemed simple enough, but several guests said they had a hard time trying to comply. Barbara Walters, for instance, wore a red suit, but tossed on a pink chiffon scarf at the last minute to make the grade. As Walters knows, a request from Oscar de la Renta is not to be taken lightly.
“I love Oscar, and if he tells me to wear pink, I’ll wear pink,” Walters said.
Meanwhile, Linda Wachner was apparently out of the loop. She wore a canary yellow suit and complained that nobody told her she was supposed to think pink. Maybe she had other things on her mind — like buying Calvin Klein’s lucrative jeans business.
Most of the 500 guests, however, managed to find something that worked. And as usual, de la Renta drew a stellar crowd, even if it wasn’t the usual mix of night crawlers who flock to the 11th Avenue disco.
Among them were Mica and Ahmet Ertegun, Anne McNally, Eugenia Silva, Patty Cisneros, Carolina Herrera, Frederic Fekkai and, oddly enough, Fidel Castro’s rebel daughter Alina Fernandez. But the regular de la Renta crowd were nearly overwhelmed by the dozens and dozens of pretty fresh faces recruited by Eliza Reed and the other young members of the staff.
Firyal of Jordan had to dig deep into her closets to salvage a 12-year-old satin de la Renta suit.
“It was the only pink thing I had,” she said, matching the suit with a pink feather boa she picked up on the cheap in London.
“Oh, it’s a very special boa,” teased her friend and de la Renta frontman, Boaz Mazor. “It comes from a special chicken we have running around in our office. We pluck it and we dye it pink.”
Iman wore a simple pink rose in her hair.
“I’m not a pink girl,” she said. “When I like pink, I usually like a very trashy pink.
“Oscar doesn’t do that kind of trashy pink — anything iridescent that you’d find on the floor of a Studio 54 disco,” Iman added. “Usually, who has the best of those pinks are the drag queens.”

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