Byline: Arthur Hagopian

SYDNEY, Australia — The first Levi Strauss store in Australia has opened in Melbourne.
With about 2,100 square feet, it is being run as a franchise by the country’s leading jeans retailer, Just Jeans. The new Levi’s store will market the full range of the brand’s products. In addition, it will be selling speciality merchandise not available before in Australia.
Just Jeans executives would not disclose any volume projections for the store.
Dismissing any concern that the exclusive Levi’s store will detract from sales of the brand in other outlets, Graham Dickinson, marketing manager at Just Jeans, said, “Both Levi’s and Just Jeans believe the store will raise the profile of Levi’s jeanswear and therefore sell more Levi’s in the market. Overseas experience verifies this.”
Just Jeans also expects the move to boost sales of jeans in its own stores.
According to fashion industry sources, Levi’s jeans make up nearly 25 percent of all jeans sales in Australia. One-third of the jeans sold at Just Jeans stores are Levi’s.
Plans for more Levi’s stores in Australia are under review, but as yet there are no commitments as to locations or partnership agreements. Sydney, which along with Melbourne is ranked as the fashion capital of the country, would be an obvious location and high on the priority list, according to Dickinson.

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