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NEW YORK — Consumers are tired of tripping over the myriad personal care products lining the inside of their showers, according to Minnesota-based Redmond Products.
The company, which manufactures the Aussie brand of hair care products, is introducing a hair and body shampoo in one, called Aussie All Over, to help streamline consumers’ bathrooms. It begins shipping Oct. 1.
All Over should appeal to “a large segment of hair care consumers who are relatively uninvolved in their hair care regimen and are interested in simplification,” said Kim Rue, director of marketing at Redmond.
All Over’s formulas contain a surfactant — or cleansing — system developed by Redmond that removes oil from hair without stripping skin, which is what the company says makes it different from other shampoos.
Redmond plans to place the line in 40,000 mass market doors, said Rue. First-year sales are projected to reach $20 million to $25 million at retail.
The line has a Refreshing and a Moisturizing formula. Each 12-oz. bottle will retail for $3.99.
Early next year, Redmond will unveil a $7 million advertising campaign in support of the line.
“This is by far the largest amount of money that we have spent on any mainstream launch in the history of the company,” said Rue. “We are confident that it is a big idea, but it is an idea that needs education. In order to maximize the potential, it really needs this expenditure.”
The advertising will center around a celebration of simplicity, said Rue. Print ads in beauty, fashion and women’s services magazines will begin appearing in February issues; network and cable TV ads will commence in March.
Two freestanding inserts with $1-off coupons will also be distributed during the launch of All Over. The first will be dropped into April newspapers.
All Over is not the first hair and body shampoo to be launched in the mass market — Alberto VO5 introduced one last year. Even so, Rue insisted, Redmond’s product will be unrivaled. “The Alberto Culver product is priced extremely low, so expectations have been low and consumers are skeptical that the product can deliver.”
Redmond’s variation will be different, said Rue, because of its strong marketing program designed to clearly indicate to consumers that using All Over will simplify their ablutions.
The core mass market consumer isn’t interested in experimenting with new scents and new products as frequently as specialty bath shoppers, added Rue.
So, while much of the mass market is looking for ways to draw back shoppers who have been lured away by specialty bath outlets such as Bath & Body Works, All Over was designed to appeal to an alternate segment. “In our opinion, [the former] is a different, more upscale segment of the category. We are talking to a more mass market consumer,” said Rue.
Still, the sweeping success of body washes over the past few years — the category is predicted to reach $400 million in sales in 1997 — has changed the way most consumers regard personal cleansing, stated Rue. Body washes have made consumers more comfortable with liquid body soaps and created a desire for fragrant bath products.
Most body washes in the mass market, which were developed by bar soap marketers, tend to mimic the unsophisticated scent of soaps, said Rue. “Aussie All Over brings shampoo fragrancing to liquid body soaps….You end up with a total fragrance for your body rather than a lot of stuff that is going to clash.”
All Over’s packaging was designed to make the line stand apart from other Aussie items on the shelves. “This is a product that appeals to people who are not currently Aussie users, so we want it to stick out more,” said Rue.
The two items come in oval plastic containers — all other Aussie products come in a cylindrical bottle — and have labels that depict Matisse-inspired dancers. The dancers are supposed to be celebrating the simplicity of the product, said Rue.
The container’s top end is flat, enabling users to place it upside down in their showers. The dispensing system is designed without a cap; one squeeze disperses the contents. A cap is attached for travel purposes.
Redmond wants All Over to be merchandised next to Aussie’s other hair care products. “We are first and foremost a hair care company and plan to continue in that vein,” said Rue.

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