NEW YORK — As the world mourned Princess Diana, three men cased a designer boutique in Boston that displayed two of her evening gowns.
At 2 a.m. on Friday, the men left a car with one of its streetside doors open outside Bjoux at 141 Newbury Street, stepped onto the sidewalk and banged on the store’s window to check out the security system, according to David Rice, who was the armed guard on duty inside the store. When Rice stepped under a light in the store, the trio fled, he said.
Police were called to the scene, but “everything checked out OK,” police said.
The two dresses — a green velvet double-breasted halter-neck evening gown by Catherine Walker and a black velvet V-neck gown by Bruce Oldfield — were crowd stoppers last week at Bjoux. Barbara Jordan, owner of Bjoux, purchased them and a third dress for $100,000 at the Christie’s auction last June, to give them to Massachusetts charities, a Bjoux spokesman said.
The Walker dress has been donated to the Pine Street Inn, a Boston charity for the homeless. The Oldfield gown is being given to Community Services, which plans to auction it Sept. 29 at an event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston. The third dress — a burgundy velvet ball gown by Walker — was donated to Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, which auctioned it last month for $25,000 to John Powers, a Florida businessman, who intends to turn it over to charity again.