Byline: Samantha Conti

MONTE CARLO, Monaco — Prince Albert, another royal whose life has been torn by tragedy, told WWD Monday that he has an intimate sense of what lies ahead for Princess Diana’s sons, William and Harry.
“This is an incredible tragedy, and I really feel for the family, especially the young princes,” said Albert, whose mother, Princess Grace, was killed in an automobile accident in 1982. “This is going to be a lot harder on the boys because they are a lot younger than we were at the time. They have my deepest sympathies.”
He said he also understands the extreme difficulties of maintaining a private life under public scrutiny.
“About 15 years ago, I experienced the same thing when I was with my sisters,” he recalled. “Every time we went to Paris, there were about 20 guys waiting outside of our hotel and four cars following us, everywhere we went. I can understand what they were going through.”

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