NEW YORK — Jump Man hasn’t forgotten women.
Within two years Michael Jordan plans to introduce women’s activewear under his newly formed signature apparel label, which is being produced by Nike.
“We’re going to start smaller with the women’s line. But there will be footwear and apparel,” said Erin Patton, director of product and marketing for the Jordan brand.
To mark the holiday launch of Jordan activewear, footwear and accessories, Jordan fielded questions Tuesday from Ahmad Rashad and emceed a fashion show at NikeTown here at 7 East 57th Street.
Sheryl Swoopes, who endorses Nike and plays for the WNBA, made a cameo appearance at the event with her son, Jordan. The other Jordan — as in the brand — aims to outfit WNBA players. Nike has a three-year marketing deal with the WNBA.
To be available in athletic specialty stores and sporting goods stores Nov. 1, the 19-piece men’s activewear line retails from $24 to $140. Items carry the Jump Man logo, an icon of Jordan leaping with a basketball.
The launch is slated for a Saturday to assure that young shoppers don’t skip school to be among the first to buy the brand, Jordan said.
Jordan’s branded footwear is also priced lower than Nike’s Air Jordan, which retail upwards of $150. Jordan has designed four styles of athletic footwear under his own label that will retail from $90 to $150. Nike, which developed Jordan’s first signature shoe 13 years ago, will continue to produce Air Jordan footwear under its own label.
The new line has received endorsements from several college basketball teams and individual basketball players.

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