“Robert said to me, ‘Where are you going dressed like that?”‘ said Blaine Trump, who was wearing a Celine leather coat and bejeweled crosses. “I said, ‘I’m going to a school dance. It’s a little hard to explain.”‘
Trump — as well as Muriel Brandolini, Barbara de Kwiatkowski, Claudia Cohen, Bruce Weber, Patty Cisneros and Calvin Klein — may seem a tad old for the junior prom, but it was all in the name of a good cause. It was the fall fund-raiser for CRIA (Community Research Initiative on AIDS) at New York’s Irving Plaza, called, “The Back-to-School Dance.”
The club had been decked out like a high-school gymnasium — with 100 Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Co-chair Pia Getty (nee Miller) explained that they were the same ones that decorated her sister Alexandra’s wedding reception last year. The one other indication that this was something other that your average school day was the groups of go-go boys and girls writhing on several stages.
The night before, there were two distinct crowds at Balthazar to celebrate the launch of the Carolina Herrera fragrance, 212. There were Carolina Sr.’s friends and Carolina Jr.’s friends.
“I’ve never been downtown,” confessed Betsy Bloomingdale, one of many in the senior crowd who don’t typically venture below 57th Street. “Even my driver, who only speaks French, said to me that this is the part of town where people stay out all night. I love it. I can’t wait to put on my jeans and come back.” Other uptownies who settled quite comfortably into the red banquettes included C.Z. Guest, Pat Buckley, Consuelo Crespi, Mica Ertegun, Gita Mehta and Judy Peabody.
After dinner, Carolina Jr.’s crowd — including the “face” for 212, Rhea Durham — piled into their town cars and headed over to Chaos to toast the night away.

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