Nearly all of the Bradys’ lines have found new homes. Here is a list of manufacturers and new representatives for the Bradys’ lines:

BR Collections, (818-982-3308) rep: Paula and Michael Hyman, 11W121.
De Sentino, (905-602-5365) rep: Dale Rotar, 9N105.
KV Slacks, (800-720-6229) rep: Florida and the Carolinas: Al & Roz Pivnik, 9S117.
Kevo, (800-394-5386) rep: Georgia and the Carolinas: Phil and Kathy Tunks, 11N103; Florida: Diane and Alan Frank, 2-1000.
One World, (818-444-1290) rep: Florida and Georgia: Keith Grossbeck, 3J2 in the Miami Mart.
Sandy Starkman, (800-521-1105), rep: Florida: Diane and Alan Frank, 2-1000; Georgia and Florida: TBA.
Front Street, (800-835-9009) rep: TBA.
Telephone numbers are for the manufacturers.

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