Byline: Wendy Hessen

NEW YORK — Eyewear maker Christian Roth for Optical Affairs is closing its doors after 15 years and some of the hippest eyewear in the market.
Co-founders Christian Roth and Eric Domege resigned from the firm Thursday.
Two years ago, the pair sold the company to Eyetique Inc., a Boca Raton, Fla.-based firm. At that time, both Roth and Domege were contracted to remain, overseeing design, product development and promotion.
Roth and Domege said sales had met plan, but Eyetique didn’t live up to the terms of the agreement, failed to meet its financial obligations, capitalize on the potential of the brand and over the last two years took a direction that was inconsistent with their point of view for the line, according to a statement provided to WWD.
Eyetique has no other products, according to Roth.
Morris Jaime Godur, chief executive officer of Eyetique, did not return calls for comment.
Roth said the company’s showroom, design studio and offices at 5-9 Union Square West were closed last week.
After adhering to a nine-month noncompete clause, Roth said he and Domege plan to reenter the accessories business sometime in mid-1998. He will be unable to use his name or Optical Affairs, however, since they continue to be owned by Eyetique.
“It has always been our goal to branch out into other accessories categories, which unfortunately didn’t happen,” said Roth.

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