LOS ANGELES — The $500,000 Tommy Tour that bused children of the famous across the country is over, concluding with a wrap party in West Hollywood last Saturday night.
Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger Footwear took the back-to-school segment of the fall ad campaign on the road with the eight-city tour that ended at the doorstep of Morton’s.
The party drew some 500 young Hollywood denizens, and fashion stole the show.
While the celebrities donned Hilfiger’s casual styles, hundreds of others pranced through the restaurant in everything from the basic black dress to midriff-baring halters and skintight pants.
Andy Hilfiger, a company spokesman, said that the company’s two licensees (Pepe Jeans produces jeanswear and StrideRite produces footwear) sprang for the tour, which included in-store promotions, fashion shows and freebies along the way, such as Tommy Jeans, CDs, guitars and $500 gift certificates.
The tour kicked off in New York and wended its way through Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
The fall ad campaign “It’s in the jeans” was launched in July and includes ads in Details, Rolling Stone and Vibe as well as a billboard in Los Angeles and commercials on MTV.
Celebrity kids dancing late into the night included Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s daughter; Kidada Jones, Quincy Jones’s daughter; Jesse Wood, Ron Wood’s son; Mark Ronson, Mick Jones’s son; Kentaro Seagal, Steven Seagal’s son; Brandon Davis, Marvin Davis’s grandson, and China Chow, daughter of Tina and Michael Chow.

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