Byline: Karyn Monget

NEW YORK — In a change of plan, Mary McFadden Inc. and Boutique Industries Inc. have renewed their licensing agreement for at-homewear and sleepwear bearing the designer’s name.
In September, Dede Shipman, president of the McFadden company, said the firm would “actively be looking for a sleepwear licensee to replace Boutique,” a third generation, family-owned innerwear firm. The McFadden firm had a licensing pact with Boutique for 18 years.
At the time, Edwin Polsky, Boutique’s president, said his company was downsizing its operation. The company moved to smaller premises this month at 183 Madison Avenue. Boutique had maintained a showroom at that address for 20 years.
Asked what prompted this change of heart, a McFadden spokeswoman said Friday: “Boutique very successfully executed the McFadden line for us. We all had a meeting the other day, where Edwin Polsky expressed a desire to continue the license.
“He understands Mary’s philosophy, the unique colors and silhouettes that Mary wants to go forward with in the collection.”
Polsky said, “There are not many designers and manufacturers who have a terrific licensing relationship. We are very pleased to be continuing this license.”
Polsky added that he plans to revive an at-homewear label of knits called Eyeful for November. The firm also does moderate sleepwear by Travel Lite. Boutique’s sales operation will be based at the new showroom here. Design has been moved to its Taber City, N.C. factory.