NEW YORK — While college men continue to spend a lot of their time competing in sports, or watching them on television, college women aren’t exactly sitting on the sidelines.
A recent survey of 741 college women and men shows their preferences are less dissimilar than might be expected when it comes to sports. The survey was conducted by two New York companies: Network Event Theater, a marketing firm that specializes in the college market, and The Greenfield Consulting Group, a research service.
College women spend four hours a week exercising, while male students work out for more than five hours.
As for the most popular activities, swimming, biking and bowling ranked among the top four activities for either sex. The most popular activity for women is aerobics, while for men it is lifting weights.
When it comes to watching sports on television, the differences between men and women seem more pronounced. Only 17 percent of the men surveyed said they watch no sports on TV; for the women, it was almost twice that, at 30 percent.