NEW YORK — Federated Department Stores Inc. is launching a national “loyalty” program this month, called Family of Cards, rewarding its best credit card customers with a range of benefits.
The more often customers use their proprietary charge accounts, the more rewards shoppers can earn, Federated said Monday.
Federated divisions, including Bloomingdale’s, Bon Marche, Burdines, Goldsmith’s, Lazarus, Macy’s and Rich’s, are slated to have the program in place by next April.
Family of Cards is a multitiered program primarily developed and managed by Federated’s Financial and Credit Services division. At each level, the benefits increase. Some the benefits customers can receive include complimentary gift wrap, basic alterations, coupons for free shipping, invitations to private shopping nights offering discounts and a quarterly newsletter.
Some customers also will be offered Federated’s co-branded Visa card, which offers 3 percent rebates on purchases from Federated stores and 1 percent on VISA transactions elsewhere, both redeemable in merchandise gift certificates.

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