NEW YORK — In what has become an annual ritual, Escada Beaute will launch a limited-run fragrance in March based on a theme in Escada’s spring apparel line.
Like its four predecessors, this year’s version, called Que Viva Escada, will be sold until stock runs out, most likely in September or October. Que Viva, however, is expected to be the most successful seasonal scent yet; it is estimated one million units will be moved through spring and summer, surpassing Jardin de Soleil’s tally of 900,000 last year.
“By now the concept is understood” by both consumers and retailers, said Claude Palatin, president of Escada Beaute. “It’s become a permanent novelty.”
Que Viva Escada, which means “long live Escada” in Spanish, is meant to have a lively, festive air to reflect the mood of the fashion, Palatin said. “We wanted bright colors and a lot of energy.” The formulation, created by Creations Aromatique, is a fruity floral.
The collection, packaged in bright blue bottles, will include a 1-oz. eau de toilette for $35, a 1.7-oz. for $45, a 3.4-oz. for $65, a 5.1-oz. body lotion for $30 and a 5.1-oz. shower gel for $25.
Gift-with-purchase promotions will include hammocks, mesh backpacks, flowerpots and scarves.