NEW YORK — UNITE, the apparel and textile union, will launch a two-week national print ad campaign Friday aimed at snaring consumer attention during the peak of holiday shopping.
The campaign features three print ads, each with the tag line: “Wear What You Believe: UNITE!”
The ads are illustrated with a photo of a T-shirt with the union label prominently displayed on the inner collar. The headlines for the three ads are: “One Size Fits All,” “Get Dressed (And make the world a better place)” and “You’re Naked Without It.”
The ad asks the reader: “Care about basic human rights? About dignity? About ending child labor? Think people who work hard should earn wages that support a family? Then get dressed. In clothes that bear this UNITE label. UNITE is a union of men and women working together to make their jobs more fair, their lives more secure. They make the best clothes in the world, and they want you to wear their stuff. Or nothing.”
Developed by Greer, Margolis, Mitchell & Burns, a Washington, D.C., agency, the ads will appear on the New York Times Op-Ed page, and in the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, WWD, DNR and The New Republic magazine.
“With all the focus on sweatshops and child labor, consumers want to know how to buy clothes that are made under decent working conditions,” said Jay Mazur, president of UNITE. “Our answer is to buy clothes that have the union label.”