DALLAS — Most of the hoopla swirling about the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl appearance was definitely infused with testosterone.
But Tiffany’s, which has always crafted the sterling trophy for the game, didn’t forget the women behind the linebackers, throwing a tea for the players’ wives and Gene Jones, wife of flamboyant team owner Jerry Jones. At the tea, which was held the week before the Super Bowl at the Dallas store, the ladies sipped wine and threw coveting glances toward the silver trophy on display.
“Obviously, they’re the reason we’re here,” said Gene Jones, as she introduced the dozen players’ wives. “Without them, we wouldn’t have the Dallas Cowboys team.”
Like the rest of the city, the ladies had every expectation that their team would win.
“We’ve had the trophy here twice before, and both times it came back to Dallas,” said Dorothy Mason, store director. “We here consider it a done deal.”
As it turned out, it was.

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