Designer Tomasz Starzewski netted most of London society for a dinner party at Asprey (his parent company) during the London fashion shows. Even Sophie Rhys-Jones, who is expected to marry Prince Edward sometime this year, showed up in a red off-the-shoulder Starzewski dress.
Among the 250 guests were former sisters-in-law Countess Maya Schoenburg and Donatella Flick, who seemed to studiously avoid each other even though they could have compared notes on their respective divorces from brothers Mick and Muck Flick.
Meanwhile, the Countess of Derby spoke of the rhinos she boards at her home near Liverpool.
“They escaped from our safari park and came up to the house,” she said. “How frightening!”
Closer to home, Gail Ronson was impressed by the purple carpet laid out in front of the store to welcome guests.
“I think Bond Street should always be carpeted,” she suggested.

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