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With the big Jackie Kennedy Onassis auction coming up at Sotheby’s next month, you can’t turn on TV without a Jackie retrospective leaping off the screen at you. CBS is producing a series on the life of the century’s most-admired woman as part of A&E’s biography series, and Inside Edition is taking an inside look, among others. With Jackie as subject, there’s no such thing as overkill.
So is it now the time for Jackie’s glamorous sister, Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill Ross, to step into the spotlight for a little star time? Lee is slated for such treatment on British television, the airing to be based on Diana DuBois’s unauthorized biography, “In Her Sister’s Shadow,” published last year by Little, Brown and soon to be a St. Martin’s paperback release. Certainly, the English should be intrigued. Lee lived a great deal of her married life in England with her first husband, Michael Canfield, and later with her second as Princess Radziwill. There she was noted for her taste and panache and, in her very special way, all but achieved icon status among Brits of all classes, emphasis on the upper. The book also lets us in on Lee’s love life, naming those who were stuck on her and vice versa.
Meanwhile, Diana DuBois’s New York agents, Parker Ladd and Marianne Strong, who just completed the paperback sale, are talking to American production companies about producing a Lee-thing here in conjunction with the British company, Carlton Productions, seeing it as either a film or a TV mini. Oh, and another aspect of “In Her Sister’s Shadow” is how DuBois paints Jackie as a totally different person from the one previous books have depicted. But then, few historical figures escape revision. Not even George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have been allowed to rest in peace.

Fergie has gone bonkers — again. The Duchess of York, who has raised impropriety to an art form, is now stuck on Thomas Munster, the Austrian ace tennis star. At first, Munster’s fiancee, Mariella Theiner, dismissed Fergie’s apparent obsession as just one of those things. She didn’t worry because she just considered Fergie too old and too — well, everything. But when Munster started taking Fergie seriously — and you can read into that anything you like — Mariela told him to go fly a kite, broke the engagement and nipped off to her native Austria in a snit and a plane. One hears Queen Elizabeth, already all but cuckoo because of “the in-laws,” has told Fergie, who has already followed Munster to his matches in Australia and Qatar, to cease and desist at once. After all, Fergie is still married to her son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, if you don’t mind. This means little to the madcap duchess, who just tossed her red curls and invited Munster to stay with her in her country house when he comes to London to play at Wimbledon. Has anyone thought of turning the hose on her?

Along those lines, the latest salvo in the Charles and Diana Wars is that C. has refused to pay D.’s legal bills, allegedly reneging on a previous understanding that he would pay her divorce expenses. The first installment was for a paltry $30,000. The final bleed is estimated to add up to $130,000. And that’s the upshot when bluebloods say naughty things on the telephones to the wrong people and British spies have big ears.

The London quidnuncs in toney circles are gossiping that Lee Iacocca would just love to be the new man in the life of Roger Moore’s estranged wife Luisa. Maybe, but would she just love to be the new woman in his?

“Fashion is the new theater,” according to Liza Minnelli, even if her opinion isn’t all that original. Liza enjoyed herself at the Paris collections last week, especially at Jean-Paul Gaultier’s, where she couldn’t get enough of his gilt-buttoned Napoleonic greatcoats, fitted smokings and tartan straight-leg pants. Great, but what did she buy?

There’s little doubt that Dani Jannsen is one of the most popular hostesses in Hollywood, not only because she’s pretty and personable, but because she is one of the world’s great cooks, and because she serves all that homemade food to those big shot actors who clamor to get invited. Some of them even do get in, but Dani is particular. She can say no fast to those who try to push and bully her for an invitation, and you’d be surprised at whom she turns away on the phone or at the door, New Yorkers included.
Dani’s Oscar party is the ne plus ultra of them all. Monday night she invited about 100 of the best of Hollywood to come feast on her marinated chicken, spinach souffle and sweet and sour meatballs, to say nothing of her famous monkey bread. She cooks for a week before every party. So, all 100 came to meet and eat, some from other big-time Oscar parties, but they all ended up at Dani’s. Clint Eastwood, Dani’s big pal, was there, along with Jack Nicholson; Patti Smith and John McEnroe; Donna and Dan Aykyrod; Candice Bergen; Michael Douglas; Tom Selleck; Bruce Springsteen; Anjelica Huston and her sculptor husband, Robert Graham; Whoopi Goldberg; Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette; Isabella Rossellini; Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks; Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell; Richard Dreyfuss; Pierce Brosnan with his sweetie, Keely Shaye-Smith; Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins; Sean Penn; Mel Gibson, himself. and — well, who’s left? They all love Dani for herself, you see. Man does not live by monkey bread alone.

Speaking of Patricia Arquette of the “Flirting With Disaster” Arquettes, she goes all gooey when she speaks of her husband, Nicolas Cage, who won the Oscar for Best Actor for “Leaving Las Vegas.” “He’s different from any human being I’ve ever met,” says Patricia. “He’s brave and honest and our eccentricities are very similar.” At risk of being cynical, some will tell you that eccentricity will glue a marriage together when bravery and honesty go on vacation.

Elisabeth Ann Kieselstein-Cord, Cece and Barry Kieselstein-Cord’s lovely, leggy daughter, will be swanning up and down the runways of several designers as part of 7th on Sixth’s Fall 1996 women’s fashion shows starting this week. Among those designers is Zang Toi, known for his “young couture” collection, who has cast Elizabeth Ann as an ingenue, with the likes of Amanda and Jillian Hearst, the respective daughters of Anne and Patty Hearst. Expected to see the darlings on parade from the front row are not only the proud parents but Kathleen Hearst, Blaine Trump, Cari Modine and Nina Griscom, no fashion slouches themselves.

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