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It’s all over Europe that Princess Caroline of Monaco and handsome Prince Ernst of Hanover are having a blazing romance. For weeks friends of both in this country and abroad have made this exciting pair their conversational Topic A. You haven’t read about it here, because Prince Ernst is married, but the latest word is that he and his wife have separated, and that it’s Caroline all the way. On verra, as they say at the pool hall. Meanwhile, Vincent Lindon, the French actor who has occupied most of Caroline’s love life for the past several years, is said to be heartbroken over the new turn of affairs. C’est la vie, as they say at the pool hall.

Sharon Stone hit Rome like a bomb (sex), stopping traffic on the Via Condotti and causing a semi-riot. The Oscar-nominated star was in town for fittings with Valentino, who’s designing three dresses she’ll wear for the festivities on Academy Award night — two long, one short, valued at $150,000. Then, because we all know how much Sharon loves jewels, she swept into Bulgari to pick out the baubles she plans to wear when she takes her place in the spotlight, three necklaces with matching earrings, bracelets, brooches and rings. One set is all diamonds, one all sapphires and the third blazes with diamonds, emeralds and rubies, the better to be seen by the billion viewers worldwide watching to see if she’ll bring home the gold for her role in “Casino.”
When word spread along the Spanish Steps that La Stone was inside, close to 2,000 locals and paparazzi gathered to wait for her exit, and so, dear readers, at least 50 policemen were called to protect the diva and push and pull her into her limousine unscathed. Mercy me and good grief, it isn’t easy being Stone, but what the h — k, she brought it all on herself.

Michael Radford, director of the Oscar-nominated “The Postman” (“Il Postino”), will follow with “The Elixir,” the tale of a 16th-century con man in Czechoslovakia, with Ralph Fiennes up for the role of the cunning fraud who turns lead into gold. Fiennes’s fans think he turns every role into gold. Just give him something sexy to do. Maybe like they did with Kevin Costner in “No Way Out.” You know, something in the back seat of a car?

The place to be last weekend was the Dominican Republic, or as the cognoscenti adore to call it, the Dom Rep, or even the DR. For three private planes filled the skies causing the lovely racket that only a private plane can, and the private houses, picturesque and lovely, were filled with private people, some picturesque, some even lovely. Would I lie to you?
The biggest houseparty, 25 strong, was at Casa Grande, the seaside domain of Pepe and Emilia Fanjul of the sugar Fanjuls, who own Casa de Campo, a huge adjoining hotel complex in La Romana. Casa Grande is the Fanjuls’ main house, a beautiful tropical place set in the middle of dramatically landscaped grounds and surrounded by a dozen smaller casitas where the Fanjuls’ guests are put up in great comfort (if ceiling fans don’t honk your horn, there’s always the air-conditioning) and style.
Brightening up their various casitas were Princess Maria Pia di Savoia and Prince Michel de Bourbon Parme, Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill, the duke of Marlborough’s younger brother; Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner, the Hon. Peter Ward and his wife, Liz, Hilary Geary, Blaine and Robert Trump, Hillie Pilkington of the London Pilkingtons, David Metcalfe of the international Metcalfes, Shirley Lord Rosenthal and Abe Rosenthal, Pauline and Dixon Boardman, Virginia Coleman, Jane and Guilford Dudley, Christina and Gerry Goldsmith, like that. The girls all wore bits of bathing suits and lots of sunblock and straw hats — even when it rained. The boys all shot and swam and golfed and played tennis — even when it rained. They all ate picadillo and rice and tropical fruits and coffee ice cream and put on their prettiest, summeriest things for the big party, 60 strong, the Fanjuls gave for the surrounding gentry, which included Marie-JoseA and Henry Kravis and their house guests, the Vernon Jordans and the Richard Holbrookes.
Down the road apiece at Annette and Oscar de la Renta’s house, one could find such as Brooke Astor, Elizabeth and Alton Peters, Linda Wachner and assorted others. Pity, but the rumors abounded that the de la Rentas and the Kravises might be selling their houses in the Dom Rep. Hasta la vista, baby.
Maricita and Jaime Bonetti are certainly not selling their house in the DR. They have just finished it after building for three years, and it’s a tropical dream, the kind of place that causes gasps and oooohs and aaaahs, even from those who fight vainly the old ennui night and day (pardon me, Cole.) That means practically everybody who comes through the door. If there is a more dramatically beautiful house in that part of the world, where is it? The staircase alone is enough to make Norma Desmond turn pea-verde.

The cocktail party at Indochine to kick off God’s Love We Deliver’s upcoming “Sunday Night Supper” series on March 31 brought out all the organization’s supporters and crowded the restaurant, thanks to Lauren Hutton and Cynthia Rowley, who hosted the evening. And this is who was there: Cece Kieselstein-Cord and her daughter, Elisabeth Ann, Darren Star of TV land, Blaine and Robert Trump and Blaine’s mother, Jean Beard, Chris Bruno of “All My Children,” designer Zang Toi, Laura Bailey, etc., etc., etc. If you were wondering what “Sunday Night Supper” means, it means that over 120 Manhattan restaurants will donate a portion of their receipts to God’s Love We Deliver on the Sunday night of March 31. See how easy.

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