Byline: Aileen Mehle

Is the Paris fashion house of Jean Louis Scherrer looking for future options for the company? Will the company be in play soon? Informed sources say yes, and they say that investment bankers have already been contacted.

Miranda Richardson, who plays a richy-bitchy, man-stealing Texas vixen in “The Evening Star,” the sequel to “Terms of Endearment,” says that’s the kind of role she loves playing, instead of goodie-goodies. When asked what she thought of that not-so-goodie-goodie Fergie’s new autobio, pretty Miranda dismissed it with a toss of her curls and the following comment: “You make a book, you make a buck.” Well, maybe. Sometimes you make a book and you don’t make a farthing. We shall see.

True or false, the rumor goes that those books — by Fergie and the hair-raising one about her — have finally led the Princess of Wales to drop the Duchess of York. Even when Fergie sank into scandal, Di stood by her. Now some say they haven’t even spoken for months. Besides, how much time can you spend on someone else’s naughtinesses when your own problems require an eight-day week?

Speaking of goodie-goodies, Diane Keaton plays one as Bess, the admirable, compassionate caregiver for her father and aunt in “Marvin’s Room” (Miramax), but she, too, is itching for a bodice ripper. “Give me something physical any time,” she cries. “It’s more fun than anything. I like comedy-action. I like to fall down and get beaten. I loved it in ‘Looking For Mr. Goodbar’ when they killed me. It was great. Throw me on a bed, beat me up — great!” How about a little tranquilizer, honey?

The original French film on which Barbra Streisand’s “The Mirror Has Two Faces” was based was written by Gerard Ouri and starred Michelle Morgan. The original story was that of a plastic surgeon whose car hits the heroine and who subsequently, through his operating skills, transforms her from plainness and ugliness into a raving beauty. With her fabulous new face, our heroine finds she no longer has any interest in her simple, unattractive husband, and the marriage falls apart. Whereupon that disgruntled chap shoots and kills the plastic surgeon. Charming, no? In real life, the news was happier. Writer Ouri met Michelle Morgan on the set of the film and later married her. Oh, and when Streisand’s people called to tell Ouri that the movie’s credits were so crowded upfront, before the movie began, that they’d have to put his name somewhere at the end, he replied he’d read the script, and he’d be enchante if they’d exclude his name completely. A man has his pride.

Do you care that Drew Barrymore refused to join her co-stars and sing in Woody Allen’s new musical, “Everyone Says I Love You?” That’s what I thought. Whatever. She just felt she was tone deaf and what was the point. So her vocalizing is dubbed, but you will hear the likes of Julia Roberts, Tim Roth, Natalie Portman and Goldie Hawn, all bursting into song with their very own voices. I can wait if you can.

Lady Haden-Guest a.k.a. Jamie Lee Curtis — coming up shortly in “Fierce Creatures,” the follow-up movie to “A Fish Called Wanda” — is not letting her new membership in the British aristocracy turn her pretty little head. “Forget the title,” she says. “I’ll always be known as the girl who went topless in ‘Trading Places.”‘ Not while Pamela Anderson is around.

So here’s all the royal gossip that’s fit to print — and maybe some that’s not. The odd Dane and others are whining that Queen Margarethe of Denmark is a big exponent of the double standard, whatever they think that means. She forced her son and heir Prince Frederik to jettison his longtime love Katja Storkholm because in her eyes modeling lingerie is not fitting for a future queen. Others wonder if Magarethe even raised an eyebrow when her own husband Prince Henrik was caught by the paparazzi not so many months ago strolling out of the shower in the altogether. You mean he doesn’t wear undies in the shower? Now, what kind of a prince is that?

The royal hubbub goes that Princess Marie of Liechtenstein has moved her daughter, Princess Tatiana, to Madrid, the better to have the inside track in the marital sweepstakes for Crown Prince Felipe, the handsome, 28-year-old heir to the Spanish throne. By Spanish law, Felipe is obligated to marry a Catholic, and there seem to be only three who qualify — Tatiana, Victoria de Bourbon and Catharina of Austria. Whoever sticks in her thumb will pull out a plum because not only is Felipe terribly good looking, he is also terribly well-mannered and not at all full of himself. As for his romance with the American beauty Gigi Howard, well, how do you say “just a lovely interlude” in Spanish?

Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Frederique will slip into skates to showcase one-of-a-kind outfits designed by David Chu for Nautica at the “DISHES on Ice” benefit at Central Park’s Wollman Rink on Monday. The darling girls will wear quilted parkas in bold colors, sleek cashmere tops and fleece skating skirts. Since the sweet things have asked for a few changes, David will be sewing right up to show-time. Let’s hope the commingled body heat doesn’t melt the ice. Hahaha.

You do remember the British actress Stephanie Beachman who gave Joan Collins a run for her money and her plotting in “Dynasty,” and who later went on to have her own series? Of course you do. Anyhow, that evergreen beauty’s two daughters, Chloe and Phoebe, have made their debuts as models, posing for promotional material for the prestigious French social event, the Debutantes Ball at the Hotel Crillon in Paris. The girls are wearing a half a million dollars in pearl necklaces by Mikimoto — and not much else. In fact, the darlings are pictured embracing and topless, the better to show off the pearls, but they’ve been cunningly photographed so nothing much shows. Only the photographer knows.

Who needs to be reminded that this, yes, this is the height of New York’s social season, and that the fetes and balls (especially the Spanish Ball, starring Argentine billionairess Amalita de Fortabat, Beatrice Santo Domingo and Mary McFadden) and festivities are non-stop? This column is way, way behind on the events that add luster to New York by night, but next week a concerted attempt will be made to catch up with the parties. Wish me luck.