Carolina Herrera:
“My fall collection is inspired by men and the way that they dress. The trousers are fundamental, with gray flannel, glen plaids and houndstooth being staple, men’s suiting fabrics. In this collection, the shapes are more subtle, with softer lines in the shoulders. For fall, my collection offers women the opportunity to express their individual sense of style.”

Susan Lazar:
“The key elements of my fall collection include sweater dressing — I especially love the maxi coat — clothing that is shaped with an accent on the waist, and an emphasis on real luxury fabrics like leather, suede and cashmere. I’ve never been so excited about doing a mix-and-match sportswear collection as I have this season.”

Bill Blass:
“The inspiration for my collection is the client who has been ignored for too long. It’s a customer collection. It’s not meant to dazzle or to impress, but to appeal to the woman who is looking for clothes.”

Gemma Kahng:
“Classic fabrics and English traditional style is what inspired my fall ’96 collection. The tweeds, plaids, pinstripes and velvets…are crafted with less traditional shapes and colors.”

Byron Lars:
“This season is definitely more about blazers and slacks than jackets and pants. The collection has kind of a ‘you’ve come a long way, baby’ feel to it.”

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