PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE: Every fashion week needs a villain — at least for a day. And when the Italian press came down hard on Naomi Campbell’s tardy arrival at Laura Biagiotti’s Tuesday show, guilt must have overtaken the supermodel. In a remorseful apology note, Campbell explained that she didn’t want things to end this way. Biagiotti has pardoned the model and considers the entire matter closed. Thank goodness for happy endings.

DEPARDIEU’S DAMSELS: Maska’s runway show today will open with Gerard Depardieu waxing philosophical on the virtues of women and female beauty. Maska has asked the husky actor to kick off its show with a selection of poetry readings. Well, maybe fashion isn’t just skin deep.

BLEEDING HEARTS: Billboards around Milan aren’t just plastered with fashion. A shocking image of what looks like three human hearts is Oliviero Toscani’s latest Benetton ad. Over each heart are the words “Black, white and yellow.” Benetton says the point is that we all have a heart. When asked if the hearts were human, Toscani quipped, “They belong to my three ex-wives.” But the Italian Association of Transplants isn’t laughing. They want the ad torn down. The campaign will come out in the States on March 12.

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