FILM MEETS FASHION: For Giorgio Armani, dressing film divas is nothing new. But Thursday he made his entrance into the world of cinema in a different role: as executive producer of his old friend Martin Scorsese’s new documentary on Italian cinema. Scorsese, who recently finished a similar project on American film, flew to Milan to announce the new project at a press conference, saying that he and Armani share the same love for the great Italian filmmakers of the past.
“As a kid growing up in New York, I became aware of my roots by watching these films on TV,” said Scorsese. “Now I want to expose young people to the importance of these films: They are Italy’s greatest cultural export of the 20th century — perhaps as important as opera was in the 19th century,” added the director, who has already been at work on the project for nine months.
The documentary, which will include clips from some 112 Italian films dating from 1910 to the Seventies, will be narrated by Scorsese “to make it more personal than just a chronological history,” he said. Portions will also be filmed in Italy at some of the same locations that appear in the old clips. The documentary, which will be distributed in movie theaters and aired on television, is expected out next year.

HOT AND BOTHERED: Carla Bruni is fuming about the nude photos taken of her in a sauna, which appeared on the cover of this week’s “Panorama,” the Italian weekly. The steamy photos were taken while Bruni was posing for Italian shoemaker Cesare Paciotti’s promotional brochure and were “experimental and not for publication,” Carla said. She’s threatening legal action against Paciotti.

WALKING ON SHAKY GROUND: Woody Allen is learning the hard way that you have to watch your step in the bel paese. A controversial Venice magistrate — known for outrageous moves — slapped the director with a summons for trespassing after Woody crossed police boundaries last week while visiting the remains of the charred La Fenice opera house, where he had been booked to play on his recent jazz tour. So Woody may be returning soon to Milan — and not just for fashion shopping sprees.

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