TOKYO — Ken Mori, chairman of the Hanae Mori Group and husband of the designer for whom the group is named, died Oct. 16 after suffering a heart attack here. He was 84.
Mori and his wife, Hanae Mori, founded Hiyoshiya in 1951, the first of the companies that eventually grew into the Hanae Mori Group of fashion-related firms.
The group, headquartered in Tokyo, includes a couture house in Paris, apparel, accessories, eyewear, home furnishings, textiles, skiwear, retail boutiques, and a women’s fragrance that was launched in the U.S. this year. Hanae Mori’s signature is a butterfly, and the house has become known for incorporating traditional Japanese fabrics in Western-style dress.
Ken Mori was chairman of the Japan Culture Association, a national organization of fashion designers, and chairman of the Fashion Foundation, which is credited with introducing and bringing foreign fashion designers to Japan from around the world.
The Mori family also has the publishing license for WWD Japan.
In addition to his wife, Mori is survived by two sons — Akira, who manages the business in Tokyo, and Kei, who runs the operation in Paris — and seven grandchildren.
A memorial service will be held Nov. 9 at The Space in the Hanae Mori Building in Tokyo.