Byline: Kristi Ellis

LOS ANGELES — Larry Hansel, chairman of Rampage Clothing Co., wants to put his stamp on the designer market.
His new designer line, called Larry Hansel, was introduced this month and will be in stores in early March.
Hansel says the line combines the higher price points of a bridge line with the fashion elements of designer. Wholesale prices range from $50 to $100 for knit tops, $100 to $250 for pants and $350 to $500 for jackets.
“We are looking to develop a small, special, loyal band of followers in ages ranging from 25 to 45,” he said.
His objective is to market the line worldwide through selective distribution, and he is gearing the line to better specialty stores.
Fabrics include stretch nylons and polyesters as well as silks. The line will have suits, knit tops and sweaters, as well as evening dresses.
Rampage’s wholesale division currently has three labels: Rampage, a better junior label; R Wear, the mainstream department store brand distributed in such stores as J.C. Penney, and Caren Desiree, the misses’ label. The company also plans to launch LH, a contemporary label, in spring 1997.
Hansel projects total company wholesale volume at $250 million to $280 million this year, compared with $230 million a year ago.