NEW YORK — Orowatch Vicenza, a group of 12 watchmakers based in Vicenza, Italy, has launched a line of trademarked gold watches carrying the brand Vicence.
Vicence is the French spelling of the city, which will appear on the watches in a logo that includes an architectural column.
The watchmakers aim to link their line to the role of gold jewelry in the city’s history.
“We want the consumer to understand that Vicenza is the world capital for gold jewelry, and that we don’t do only gold jewelry, but watches,” said the group’s president, Rouerato Agostino, owner of member company Vior.
The line of men’s and women’s styles will retail from $300 to $2,000.
Many will feature the look of jewelry and use 18-karat gold rather than 14-karat, traditionally used in gold watches. There are 120 styles, 10 from each manufacturer.
The line was introduced to retailers, wholesalers and the press at a reception Tuesday at the St. Regis Hotel.
In addition to Vior, members of Orowatch Vicenza are APS, Bettinardi, Fibo, Gold Enterprise, IMO, Miotti F.lli, Nova Rank, Promorafa, Salin Giancarlo, Superoro and Torrigold.
The manufacturers’ names do not appear on the watches; only the Vicence name and logo do.