It didn’t take both halves of the world’s so-called sexiest couple to steam up the dance floor at the post-premiere festivities for “Flirting With Disaster.” Gwyneth Paltrow — sans Brad Pitt — did just fine on her own.
The Gucci-clad Paltrow breezed into the party at New York’s Laura Belle following the screening and didn’t stop her sultry swaying until several hours later. But she wasn’t dancing solo. While Pitt was said to be off working, Paltrow’s friend, Julia Cuddihy, was a more-than-willing partner.
“Flirting With Disaster,” which opens Friday in New York and Los Angeles and in the rest of the country next month, stars Ben Stiller as a young man in search of his biological parents (Alan Alda and Lily Tomlin) while his adoptive parents (Mary Tyler Moore and George Segal) attempt to deal with it.
Although Moore, along with her contemporaries, left the dance floor to the film’s younger stars — Stiller and Tea Leoni — her unconventional Issey Miyake shiny gray pantsuit snared a lot of attention.
“I do a lot of shopping at Issey Miyake, but it’s usually a bit more conservative. The invitation said to flirt with dress, so I’m flirting. It will probably end up on some homeless person on Madison Avenue,” said Moore. “I have to give it away. It’s not like I can wear it again.”

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