WASHINGTON — A U.S. Customs Service crackdown here last Wednesday netted several dozen fake handbags, sunglasses and watches that officials said were imports being sold illegally as designer brands.
Pat Coss, Customs’ public affairs officer, said the raid would most likely result in citations, not jail time, considering the limited number of products seized.
“The point is to get it off the street,” she said.
The street involved in the seizures was Connecticut Avenue, where dozens of vendors line the sidewalk with stalls.
“In this city that’s where it is — outside the Metro [train] stops,” Coss said. “Outside Georgetown would be another fertile ground.”
Coss said the raid was part of an ongoing crackdown.
She said much of the illegal merchandise sold on the street here clears Customs in New York because it doesn’t bear any designer labels.
Such labels are added later, violating intellectual property right laws.