“There are some things I’m thinking of taking back already,” Isabel Goldsmith admitted the night before some of her furniture and artwork went on the block at Christie’s in London.
The preview attracted a fair crop of London’s art lovers and decorators, including Melissa Wyndham, Jane Spencer-Churchill, Vivien Duffield, Tessa Kennedy and Nicky Haslam, who was complimented on his chenille sweater and black nylon jacket.
“The sweater’s from Marks & Spencer women’s wear,” he said, boasting about his eye for a fashion bargain. And the jacket? “Oh, that’s Prada.” Meanwhile, Janet de Botton, who just gave more than $3 million worth of Modern Art to the Tate Gallery, was examining some wicker chairs for her house in France.
Goldsmith said she could remember exactly when she bought, or was given, each piece in the sale — really a series of sales running through May.
“I’m not terribly good with people, but I am with objects,” she said. “Like my grandfather’s chair — I had it in storage all these years waiting until I had a country house. But I’ll probably never have one now, so….”