NEW YORK — In a move to gain a foothold in the fast-growing Mexican market, Bayer Corp. has signed a distribution agreement with Crisol International SA, a Mexico City-based spinner of apparel yarn, to be the sole distributor of Bayer’s Dorlastan brand spandex fiber in Mexico.
“Before the North American Free Trade Agreement, we did very little business in Mexico, and there is enormous potential there,” said Manfred Schloemann, business manager for the fibers, organics and rubber division of Bayer Corp.
Crisol — which produces nylon, polyester and acrylic yarns as well as nylon fiber — had total sales of approximately $125 million in 1995, making it the third-largest spinner in Mexico. About 30 percent of sales come from exports.
“Bayer saw us as a good partner,” said Luis Garcia, director of trade for Crisol, in a telephone interview from his Mexico City offices. “This agreement will allow us to have more integrated sales. For example, hosiery producers who buy our nylon yarn also need spandex, so it is ideal to sell them together.”
He added, “This opens a lot of doors for us and enables us to increase our exports to the U.S., Canada and South America at a competitive price.”