Byline: K.P.

NEW YORK — Antique Boutique, a one-unit streetwear and vintage retailer and wholesaler here, will offer its own credit card at its Greenwich Village store, beginning Friday.
The store, at 712 Broadway, carries brands such as Mantrap, Dollhouse, Diesel, Tag Rag and W&LT.
It wants to expand on the idea of being a “lifestyle” company, according to president Richard Schefren.
Schefren said a new Antique Boutique CD recorded by the in-store deejay is another element of the Antique Boutique lifestyle.
Schefren said the music-related elements simulate a nightclub environment familiar to its clientele.
The credit card is available through the Shoppers Charge Accounts Co., a division of Hudson United Bank, Mahwah, N.J.
Kevin Doyle, senior vice president of sales and credit marketing for Shoppers Charge Accounts Co., said that as a guideline, the amount available on the card will start at a minimum of $300 and range to a maximum based on payments the customer can meet.
The minimum monthly payment will be 5 percent of the balance, and the annual finance charge is 19.8 percent.
Schefren calls the Antique Boutique CD, available only at the store, “a combination of some of the best techno music from around the world.”
Songs such as “Sparticus” by G-Man and “Smooth Landing” by Blue Max were licensed to the store by the record companies. Schefren said he hopes to wholesale the CD eventually.
In other news, Antique Boutique is in the process of converting portions of the selling floor into one-inch-thick, shatter-resistant glass.
Eight of these three-foot-square slabs of glass will be used on the main floor to permit customers to see down into the basement, an area that accounts for 20 percent of total sales, according to Schefren.
“We thought if people could see beneath them while shopping, it would increase their awareness that we have a basement,” he said.