Byline: Brenda Lloyd

ATLANTA — Designer Bill Hallman has gotten into a spotlight he’d rather not be in, contesting a police report of a fatal shooting here.
Hallman, who designs men’s and women’s avant-garde apparel, says he witnessed the shooting by a plainclothes policeman from his design studio in downtown Atlanta on Dec. 7.
He and two others came forward this week with an account of the shooting at Moto Cycles shop after reading published police statements that differed from what they say they witnessed. The police said the man was a customer shot by accident in the shop, when they responded to what they believed to be a robbery in progress. Hallman and the two other witnesses said they saw the man shot as he walked out of the shop.
The three said they saw the shooting from Hallman’s fourth-floor studio. Jeanna Shivers, a fabric sales representative, was in the office with Hallman and his assistant, Serina Whitener, when the incident occurred.
“I didn’t know it would turn into this,” Hallman told WWD, referring to a front-page story in Thursday’s Atlanta Constitution. “I don’t want [this publicity]. I got pulled into it, and it’s unfortunate I had to see it.”
He added, “I don’t know the whole true story, but I know what I saw.”
In addition to his design business, Hallman has two stores in Atlanta and one in New York.

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