NEW YORK — A raid on 34 retail and warehouse locations resulted in widespread seizures of fake Chanel goods in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
The Los Angeles Police Department, working in conjunction with Chanel Inc., confiscated bogus handbags, wallets, belts, scarves, eyewear and briefcases numbering in the thousands, according to Robin Gruber, assistant counsel for Chanel Inc. The dollar amount of the merchandise has not yet been determined, Gruber said.
More than 70 police officers converged on the locations and issued arrest warrants upon the discovery of the goods, Gruber noted. Though the raid was performed on a large scale, she said, the investigation leading up to it took just a few weeks.
This activity follows on the heels of a six-factory raid staged by Chanel and police in Glendale, Calif., last month. In that bust, 20 people were arrested and millions of dollars worth of merchandise and components were seized from manufacturing facilities that were producing the goods.

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