LOS ANGELES — Color and dresses may be saturating the runways in New York and Europe, but dark pants die hard when it comes to Hollywood’s de rigeur power lunch suit. By night it might be cleavage and curves, but by day, these women are strictly business.
Director/writer Nora Ephron picked up on the theme at the Premiere Magazine Women in Hollywood awards luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel.
“This is the Second Annual Women in Black film luncheon,” Ephron corrected, surveying the heavy-hitting crowd, which included Jodie Foster, Lili Zanuck, Sharon Stone, Lynda Obst, Maria Shriver, Kate Capshaw, Paula Wagner and Linda Bruckheimer, all of whom turned out to celebrate Premiere’s honorees Ephron, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sherry Lansing.
It was also the Women Wearing Armani luncheon. Before the awards, stars milled about the hotel courtyard, admiring each other and bonding over their various Armanis. Faye Dunaway was in Armani. Melanie Griffith was in Armani. Premiere editor Susan Lyne was in Armani. Even the flamboyant Fran Drescher wore the designer’s classic pants look. In fact, the only one to take to the podium during the awards ceremony not wearing Armani was presenter Garry Marshall.
“If you only knew how thrown together I am,” laughed Michelle Pfeiffer, in an Armani jacket and shirt, Gap pants and a string of pearls.
“This is the real me. People get it confused,” claimed a subdued-looking Elizabeth Berkeley, showing a discreet amount of cleavage in her two-year-old wide-legged Armani pantsuit.
Elizabeth Shue was dressed in a black Armani pantsuit. “I bought it 10 years ago and didn’t wear it till today,” she said.
Even during the awards ceremony, the Armani connection did not go unnoticed as a very pregnant Rita Wilson announced to guests that honoree Ephron had built a special closet to house her Armanis.
“He’s not only a style choice, but a permanent house guest,” Wilson said about the designer’s position in the Ephron home.
“This is too embarrassing,” said Ephron, as guests trickled out after lunch. “I do have a closet. It does have some Armanis in it. But a special closet? I live in New York.”

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